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New Trends in Telehealth Technology (Source: GlobalMed)

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Healthcare trade shows and conferences showcase the latest developments in telehealth technology products and services. Telehealth and telemedicine are increasingly becoming a larger part of these trade shows and seminars, large and small. The following are a few of the most prominent emerging telehealth and telemedicine trends.

Patient-Centered Tools

More and more vendors are focusing on home-based healthcare solutions that give patients more control over their own care. On top of being more convenient for patients, these tools and products can reduce costs and provide physicians with patient information more quickly and efficiently.

Health and Wellness

Health and wellness programs, including diet and exercise routines and consultations with life and wellness coaches, are being implemented to improve post-discharge care. Keeping patients healthy after receiving procedures helps reduce complications and avoid costly readmissions.

Privacy and Security

As more systems for sending and storing patient information are developed, the risk of losing that information or having it stolen rises. With such important data at stake, it is essential for medical networks to employ proper privacy and security measures for telehealth technology.


Smartphones, laptops, and tablets are being used in hospitals to allow doctors to sync to the facility's network and outside hospitals to enable patients to monitor vital signs and transmit this information to their physicians.
With a huge number of Baby Boomers preparing to retire, and preferring to stay at home rather than spend time in hospitals, mobile technologies are bringing healthcare to these patients.

Cloud Technology

With massive amounts of data needing to be stored, many facilities are looking to cloud storage solutions to store information without incurring excessive hardware costs.

Social Networking

Facebook and other social networks are being recognized for their potential in helping people maintain healthier lifestyles. Keeping people accountable to family and friends can be much more effective than mandates from physicians.


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