Immediate Access to Doctors, Specialists, and More!


Tri-Health Solutions provides services that impacts the healthcare bottom-line, and ultimately reduces out-of-network provider visits and costs. We are committed to working hand-in-hand with healthcare facilities and providers to assist in helping them meet their patient needs.
What sets us apart is the collaborative effort to find the optimum solution for each of our clients. We understand that all patients are not the same, and that healthcare facilities' needs differ from city to city, and region to region. Tri-Health Solutions delivers custom solutions and the for-purpose technology to meet your needs.Why Tele-Health?

  • Connect with healthcare providers from home or office
  • Improved quality of care and cost efficiency
  • Reduced transportation expenses
  • Improved patient access to specialists
  • Real Time EMR / Electronic Medical Record
  • Real Time PHR / Personal Health Record
  • Secure and trusted medical record keeping with 24hr access to patient profile


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