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Delivering Excellence in Care, Conveniently

Tri-Health Solutions providers are licensed therapists and Providers Board Certified in internal medicine, family practice, emergency medicine and pediatrics. They have incorporated Tri-Health Solutions into their practice to provide affordable, convenient access to quality care, while enjoying the many benefits that Tri-Health Solutions transformational tele-health technology provides – and so can you.


Join Tri-Health Solutions list of providers and receive compensation for each visit. Our cloud-based HIPPA Compliant software platform enables providers to expand the reach of their provider networks by ensuring seamless and secure virtual collaboration between patients, medical professionals and plan administrators via voice, video, email and mobile devices.

Tri-Health Solutions empowers providers to have remote access to their patients and giving every medical facility and doctor's office the opportunity to bring care to the bedsides and homes like never before. This leads to shows substantial savings of both time and money.

Tri-Health Solutions creates an inpatient solution based on the hospital's unique needs. Telemedicine operations, while unique, are meant to integrate into existing workflow with little to no disruption.


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