Immediate Access to Doctors, Specialists, and More!


Tri-Health Solutions provides physicians and patients real-time remote consultation and evaluation though interactive, high-definition video and audio communication. We offer a single point solution including all the software and hardware platforms required by doctors

Stay Connected with your Patients
Tri-Health Solutions makes mobile health care a practical and convenient option for patients. 
Our solutions accommodate your medical needs, so your patients are able to consults with specialist physicians across the country for second opinions on medical illness, and avoid long waits often associated with doctor's offices.

Whether your facility is equipped with the existing technology or needs us to establish the connections, we work closely with administrative, nursing and medical staff to implement solutions. 

Manage Your Efficiencies
Our telemedicine solutions employ the latest technologies and methods are ideal for an after-hours appointment, and post-acute follow-up.
By being able to connect with other doctors and specialists in different locations, healthcare far more accessible for a vastly greater number of patients, generating additional revenue and improving cost efficiency for all doctors.


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